Farming & Forestry

For over 50 years GME has been supporting the farming and forestry industries across Australia and New Zealand. GME Commercial continues to support these important industries by delivering high-quality and fit-for-purpose products.

GME Commercial’s next generation of cost effective Analog Portable and Analog Mobile Commercial Radios are packed with practical features and benefits that will deliver a reliable Australian Made communications solution for forestry workers and farmers alike.

With lower licensing cost in rural areas, zero latency, UHF CB/PRS access, and true voice quality, many farmers and forestry operations across the region prefer to stay with analog and avoid the expense of migrating to digital radios.

GME Commercial Portables

GME Commercial Portable Radios are engineered and manufactured in Australia and are specifically designed to perform in harsh commercial environments. The GME Commercial portable range is compact, dust-tight, waterproof, and built to military-grade specifications. Delivering loud and clear audio, with up to 19 hours of battery life, the GME Commercial portable range is suited to a wide range of commercial applications. Best of all users can access both UHF CB/PRS channels and private channels on one device. (450-520 MHz only)

GME Commercial Mobiles

GME Commercial Mobile Radios are also designed and manufactured in Australia. The most compact commercial radios in the market and available in several configuration options for simple installation. Available in both UHF (450-520 MHz) and VHF (136-174 MHz), GME Commercial mobile radios are shipped with a dust-tight and waterproof (IP67) fist microphone (MP600B) and are also available with remote mount (RH006) and controller microphone (UIC600B/UIC600G) configurations.

Popular GME Commercial Solutions for Farming & Forestry


The CP50 comes standard with several dealer-enabled safety features, is robust, compact, and also built to military-grade specifications. Dust-tight and waterproof (IP67), the CP50 can run 80 UHF CB/PRS channels as well as dedicated licenced (private) channels and can also be used on Voting networks. With up to 19 hours of standard operating time and a loud and clear 1.5W audio output, the CP50 is an ideal fit for the farming industry.


The CM50 supports up to 25 Watts of transmission power and is available in UHF (450-520 MHz) and VHF (136-172 MHz). The CM50 also comes with the option of either a remote head or a controller microphone configuration.

The remote head configuration allows for compact installations, with the base of the radio being tucked away in the cab of the vehicle and the head of the radio being installed in an easily accessible area. The remote head of the radio is then connected to a dust-tight and waterproof (IP67) fist microphone (MP600B).

The UIC600 controller microphone comes complete with a full alphanumeric keypad for DTMF and Sel Call, 5 programmable function keys, a 2 metre stretch curly cord, a loud and powerful 2 Watt speaker, as well as a crisp OLED display with adjustable font size. The controller microphone is available in both black (UIC600B) and green (UIC600G).

The GME Difference

GME places a strong emphasis on the delivery of market-leading products with an unwavering commitment to producing communications equipment of the highest possible quality, right here in Australia.

GME maintains a significant advantage over offshore competitors, through a deep understanding of the unique requirements of our customers and the conditions faced in the harsh Australian environment.